Just like long ago, Farmer Marty delivers to your Porch by 7am! 

All of our handmade raw dairy provisions are available for delivery, not just milk. No minimums, no subscriptions, no reoccurring charges. A $6 delivery fee covers our refrigerated delivery, fuel and ice. You decide when to order and ReOrder. You provide the cooler, we provide the ice. When you wake up from dreaming about raw dairy, stroll out to your Porch like your nana did, to retrieve your provisions! To learn which morning your Porch is on our route, provide your address below.

Pastured eggs from heritage breeds are seasonal because the flock breaks from laying during Molt & Winter Solstice. We don't supplement our flock with ovary inducing feed so our hens natively don't produce this time of year. Please check back with us Spring 2019 if you'd like eggs, and until then our MilkMan delivery is for raw dairy, only.

Your support has nourished our gusto, since 2007!
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In Gated Communities, please put us on the Guest List so we don't disturb you, or provide the gate code so we may access the property.
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