Just like long ago, Farmer Marty delivers to your Porch!

You do not have to be home (nor awake) to take delivery, and it's on your Porch before 7am. We deliver before dawn, while you're sleeping and we don't disturb you. All of our handmade raw dairy provisions are available for delivery, not just milk. No minimums and no subscriptions required. A $6 delivery fee covers our refrigerated delivery, fuel and ice. We didn't want you to buy a cooler because that means introducing more (new) plastic/styrofoam into the environment so we worked hard to invent a cooler recycle program with local vendors. And since we provide the cooler, each time you vary your order size, we can hand pack it into the most perfect cooler size, to conserve water & maximize chill factor (R-Value). We'll text remind you the night before your delivery, to place the cooler at your door before you retire for the evening. 

Your address determines your delivery day. That delivery day is always the same whenever you order. Submit your address below to learn if we deliver to your area, and the delivery day.

Our pastured eggs are no longer available due to the PBC Ag Land classification changes (Aug 2018). For this same reason, retailing/picking up from the farm is also no longer possible.

Your support has nourished our gusto, since 2007!
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Cell required for cooler reminders & delivery confirmation. Our routing system does not work with landlines. We also email delivery confirmations but not in real-time upon delivery. It's your responsibility to notify us if your cell number changes.
Please place us on the guest list with your Gate House or provide instructions with your Concierge. Provide the gate code at checkout, when you order. Our goal is a successful delivery, and to not disturb you before dawn.
Swap out the last cooler with the new one on the way, each time you order.
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